Creative process

Creative process

Behind each piece of engagement jewellery made by Roosik&Co. lies a painstaking and meticulous process thanks to which, step by step, the piece achieves its quality and beauty, with the timeless appeal of jewels meant for a whole lifetime. Enter and discover the work of a jeweller in a 21st-century jewellery workshop.


1 · Selection of diamonds


All the diamonds used in Roosik&Co.’s jewellery are carefully selected by Jordi Rosich – the brand’s jeweller, setter, gemmologist and designer. In addition to paying attention to the “4Cs” that define the beauty of any diamond, Roosik&Co. is also Cautious – using only triple excellence diamonds (with the best symmetry, cut and polish) that come from regions free from Conflict. And for those looking for a truly exclusive piece of jewellery, Roosik&Co. also creates rings with coloured diamonds. Feeling daring?




2 · A sketch and lots of ideas for the ring's design


Roosik&Co.’s engagement jewellery is created and designed by Jordi Rosich. Rosich’s creativity finds its inspiration in his most immediate surroundings, in the exuberance but delicacy of nature, in the personality of those around us, in artistic movements, in the contemporary world… Based on the initial idea, Rosich creates a sketch that contains the essence of what he wants to express with a piece of jewellery that always contains a part of its creator’s soul.




3 · 3D design and 3D printing


The Roosik&Co. workshop is equipped with state of the art 21st-century technology. When creating pieces of jewellery, Jordi Rosich transfers the initial sketch to 3D graphic design and then the moulds are produced to give the design its shape. 3D printing of the models makes the piece visible for the first time: Rosich can therefore make any finishing touches and refine the design before the definitive ring is produced.




4 · Casting the metal (gold/platinum)


Once the definitive moulds have been made for the pieces, the metal is cast. Gold is smelted at 1070ºC and platinum at 1900ºC to prevent pores from forming, using ceramic moulds that withstand very high temperatures. Only noble metals are used for Roosik&Co.’s engagement rings: yellow gold and platinum, as well as alloys of palladium and silver for white gold, and alloys of copper for rose gold. Roosik&Co. never uses nickel alloys in its jewellery to ensure no problems with allergies.




5 · Assembling the pieces, smoothing and filing


Once the different parts of the jewellery item have been made, such as the metals and diamonds, the piece is assembled. First, each of the parts must be polished as this is the only time the whole surface area can be accessed. Once assembled, the jeweller solders, files and polishes the resulting piece.




6 · Polishing


The final polish is important for jewellery because this provides the piece with its incredible shine and brilliance. The Roosik&Co. workshop has state of the art polishing machines, with magnetic pumps to ensure optimum results. But the jeweller’s traditional skills are still necessary for the ultimate finish: a very last polish, by hand, gives the jewel its mirror effect that multiplies its beauty.




7 · Setting the diamond


This is when the creative process is completed. At Roosik&Co., an expert diamond setter carries out this operation with all the precision and care required. In the case of the brand’s engagement jewellery, special attention is always paid to the claws that hold the stones. These are worked and refined to ensure maximum comfort when using the jewellery, to prevent them from catching on clothing and making them very easy to wear.




8 · Quality control and final finishes


Creating a piece of jewellery involves a lot of work and many different steps before the end product is achieved. An engagement ring may be small in size but it’s created to symbolise the very deepest feelings and is often meant to last several generations. That’s why, before they go on sale, all Roosik&Co.’s engagement jewellery must pass rigorous quality controls to guarantee its excellence and the complete satisfaction of the person it’s ultimately destined for.




9 · Communication


Discover our main social networks, where you can see a collection of how we make our jewelry, from the design to the last details and finishes of each piece. A jewel is not complete until it reaches your hands.