Jordi Rosich

jordi rosich joier 

I was born into a family of jewellers, naturally coming into contact with the jeweller's workshop and tools, fuelling a passion that subsequently developed. After secondary school, I was determined to become a jeweller and took the necessary steps to train at the highest level.

I took higher studies in jewellery and gemmology at the Jewellery School of JORGC (the Official College of Jewellers, Watchmakers and Gemmologists of Catalonia) and also at Barcelona University, at the same time as developing my creativity, producing early designs for jewellery with a markedly personal character. On completing my studies I joined the family jewelry company , after 5 year I started a new project on my own in a emblematic jeweller's located in the Rambla de la Llibertat in Girona. Here is where I have been able to perfect the design and production of my jewellery collections, sold under the Roosik&Co brand.
Origin story