Ask for an exclusive design.

- or how to become Roosik & Co's most brilliant designer -

Create, together with Jordi Rosich, the piece of jewellery you've wanted for so long. Be it for a special birthday, a wedding or merely a whim, you'll have an exclusive, unique piece designed using your own creativity supported by Jordi's technical expertise and savoir-faire. To wear with pride or as a gift for your loved one.


+ What does Roosik Exclusive include?

  • You select the most beautiful diamonds and gemstones for your piece of jewellery    
  • With Jordi, you make a pencil sketch and the final design is transferred to our 3D program      
  • The moulds are then created so you can visualise your piece of jewellery for the first time    
  • You have the chance to make further changes and refine all the details before the final piece is produced    
  • You can see how gold or platinum is melted using traditional techniques and how each part is created, assembled and polished      
  • You witness the gemstones being put in place by an expert setter      
  • Then all that remains are the finishing finishes and ... Congratulations! You've just designed your very first piece of jewellery!    


+ What metals do we use?


We only work with 100% recycled gold & Platinium to avoid the huge environmental and social impact caused by the mining of this metal.


+ How long does it take?


Around 1-2 months, depends on the jewel desired .


+ How much it is?


The cost in designing one unique jewel for you is between 1500€ to 2500€, Metals & gemstones aren't included.


Roosik & More

You'll witness the birth of your piece of jewellery, forming part of the whole creative process and discovering how a 21st-century jewellery workshop operates. We're convinced you'll never forget this creative experience, particularly because we'll provide you with photographs and a recording of all the different steps in this meticulous, precise process. A memory that will last forever, like your piece of jewellery.

Roosik & Second life

A piece of jewellery is a small object with a life of its own, each one telling a different story. With the help of Jordi Rosich, you can give new life to any jewellery you haven't worn for a long time or special pieces you may have inherited from your parents or grandparents. It's a way of keeping their memory with you but with a new contemporary design adapted to your style and personality.

 Contact us and we'll redesign a new piece of jewellery from the ones you already own.


& Inspiration

The jewellery of your dreams begins with an idea. Here are the latest exclusive designs we've created at the Roosik & Co. workshop: